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JavaScript Live Workshop

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08 January

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3 Weeks

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Monday - Friday Classes

For Both Students & Working Professionals

9pm-11pm IST

Monday - Friday

Roopam Gupta

I am a full stack developer and founder, instructor at WebDevArmy. I have trained over 1600 students across 14+ countries in Web Development.

Workshop Specials

Although this workshop is special already because of its unique nature, but it has got some features that you'll find only in this workshop :

All Live Classes

Watch all the classes live and get your doubts cleared immediately

Get Certified !

Receive a linkedin shareable certificate after the completion of live classes

Study Material

Get JavaScript Notes, Cheatsheets, Interview Questions, PDFs worth ₹1000(12$) FREE of cost with the workshop.

Project-Based Learning

Build Real-World Projects with experts and develop practical skills

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Live Doubt discussion sessions & Join The WebDevArmy Exclusive Community and get your doubts cleared up 24X7

Lifetime Access

Get Lifetime Access of the recordings of this live workshop.

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Syllabus -

The Workshop will include all minor and major topics of the JavaScript, no prior knowledge is required to get started :
  • Introduction & Dev Environment Setup

    Goals, Structure, IDE, Extensions, etc.

  • JavaScript Basics

    Basics Intro, Basic Project, Inline Javascript, Internal Javascript, External Javascript, Cleanup Workspace, Helper Methods, Statements and Comments, Variables, Assign Variable Value Later, Variable Naming Rules, const, let, var, Challenges Intro, Variables Challenge, Prettier Settings, Quotation Marks, String Concatenation, String Concat Challenge, Numbers Basics, Numbers - Additional Features, Numbers Challenge, Implicit Type Conversion

  • JavaScript Arrays, Methods & More

    Basics, Array Iterators, forEach, map, filter, find, reduce

  • Functions

    Functions - Declare, Invoke, Functions - Parameters, Arguments, Functions - Return, Function Expressions, Function Challenge

  • Objects

  • JavaScript Loops & More

    Conditional Statements - Basics, Conditional Statements Continued, Equality, Logical Operators, Switch Statement, Conditionals Challenge, while Loops, do while loops, for loop

  • JavaScript Tutorials Continued : A deep dive

    Connecting The Dots, String Properties and Methods, Template Literals, Strings Challenge, Array Properties and Methods, Exercise - Full Name, Exercise - Calculate Total, Value vs Reference, Null and Undefined, Truthy and Falsy, Ternary Operator, Global Scope, Local Scope, Variable Lookup, Callback Functions, Higher Order Functions

  • More JavaScript Methods

    Math Object, Date Object

  • Document Object Model (DOM in JS)

    DOM - General Concepts, Window and Document Overview, Get Element By ID, Get Elements By Tag Name, Get Element By Class Name, Query Selector and Query Selector ALL, Navigate the DOM - Children, Navigate the DOM - parentElement, Navigate the DOM - nextSibling, previousSibling, Navigate the DOM - nextElementSibling, previousElementSibling, textContent nodeValue, getAttribute() setAttribute(), classList and className, createElement - createTextNode - appendChild, insertBefore, replaceChild, prepend innerText, remove removeChild, innerHTML and textContent

  • DOM Projects

  • More in DOM

    Change CSS with style property, Events Overview, Click Event, Function Reference, Mouse Events, Key Events, Event Object, CurrentTarget vs Target, Event Propagation - Bubbling- Capturin, Event Propagation Example

  • ES6

    ES6 concepts will be covered throughout the wrokshop in pieces whenever we require.

  • More Projects

  • Asynchronous JS

    Intro, Synchronous, Recipe Example, AsynchronousCallback Hell, Callback Hell - DOM Example, Promises, Reject Example, Promises - DOM Example, Async/Await

  • AJAX

    Intro, AJAX, HTTP, API, Simple Text, Add Button, JSON, Fetch, Fetch - Errors "gotcha", Fetch - Big Picture, Fetch with Function, Fetch - with async/await, Try / Catch

  • And Some More Projects

  • Conclusion and much more

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A good way of explaining topics through projects really liked that. Concepts are cleared easily. All projects clears the topic which we learnt.

devanshu desai

“The flow of topics is good, the participation of is students is good because of friendly way of teaching. Simple and concept specific projects. Good for working people. The recordings being available is a good thing as I miss the classes so I can view the lecture later.

Apoorv Khandelwal

“I like very much the way you teach us, and from my side nothing here to be improved. All Projects are awesome”


“It’s easy to understand, explains everything so well.Everyone have a chance to get your doubt cleared. He patiently answers all the questions.Overall it’s a good experience. ”

Adhila Khader

“You are very calm while teaching. Doubt discussion is pretty fine, I know sometimes questions asked are very stupid, but still you are empathetic and answer to them.”

Alec Aldrine Lakra

“I like the course design and the practical way learning.Actually, cannot be expect more in a such price. Good Job.”

Bharat Patel

Frequently Asked Questions -

The Live Workshop starts on 08 January, Monday.

The workshop will be conducted on weekdays ( Monday - Friday ). The timing is : 9pm - 11pm IST.

Best for both working professionals and college students.

Yes, this is a completely live workshop. 

Yes, you'll be provided with the recording of each & every lecture.


Yes, it is a certified workshop. You will be certified by webdevarmy.

  • Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS is required.

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