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Every concept is explained in detail and repated twice for better understanding . Good number of examples were explained for each and every topic.

Mallikarjun G

This workshop was one of the best workshops I have ever attended . personalized touch with best guidance.

varun kapoor

The instructor's teaching style is excellent and straightforward. I'm looking forward to working on real-time projects.

Jyoti Malhotra

This workshop is really worth it.. sometimes I have a doubt when I am seeing a the lecture...but when you explain each and every line of a code that's s really help me to understand the topic very well...

Sudipta Mukherjee

I liked the beginners friendly teaching and the class was super good. In my opinion, there needs no change.

Ajith Jacob Dany

Explanation was awesome by roopam please continue the same pace of your explanation upto the end of this workshop.

Murali kalyan

The concepts are very clear and the way of explanation is also good and the projects for very topic will really help for getting the concepts clear Thank you sir

Sirigiri Yaswanth

Very well structured, and informative sessions with good projects and tasks .Thanks Roopam sir

Sathvika chekuri

I am now working in an electronics hardware company and I am planning to shift to front-end development. This course taken by Roopam sir is the best decision I took. He is teaching it step by step and It is easily understood. Thank you Roopam sir

Mahesh J Shetty

It's a really nice experience and it cames with a lot of examples. It's really easy to follow along the lessons and the teacher is really good at explaining and coding.

José Antonio Roberto Hernández Reyes

It was a great experience and Teaching is impressive

Akhil R U

It was good one roopam taught as very well and cleared all the doubts

Sanjeev Kumar

I really enjoyed the pace of the lecture. It's great that the lecturer goes into each part in detail.


Mr. Roopam is teaching at appropriate speed and the level is such that even a complete novoice can understand the concept. Looking forward to join React workshop in the future. Thanks!

Tejas Gandhi

I like how sir give time to ask doubts in between the teaching.

Shreyash Arali

Explaining about project with example is good

Anil Gurram

Covers every single topic in detail 👌


i like how there will be projects that i can put on my github as a proof that i did something in JS


I liked this workshop as it teaches js from the scratch


very good explanation, easy and clear, the microphone sounds good and the mentor speaks very clear, so it is easy to understand even if my main language is not English. Until now I don't have any "cons".


Everything excellent so far.

Mohammad Mehdi

Teaching is Very Good , i can understand everything easily


It was pretty good, understood the concepts very well

M Santhosh Rushi

It was helpful how the instructor was covering the best practices for coding standards


A big thanks to all the students who participated in my workshops and took time to submit their reviews. Thanks much!!

Roopam Gupta,

Instructor & Founder, WebDevArmy

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