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"I like the way you are dealing us. You are teaching like you are teaching to your friends & I liked it. I like the the method of teaching, it's like following a flowchart , one after the other. I really love it."
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A good way of explaining topics through projects really liked that. Concepts are cleared easily. All projects clears the topic which we learnt.

devanshu desai

“The flow of topics is good, the participation of is students is good because of friendly way of teaching. Simple and concept specific projects. Good for working people. The recordings being available is a good thing as I miss the classes so I can view the lecture later.

Apoorv Khandelwal

“I like very much the way you teach us, and from my side nothing here to be improved. All Projects are awesome”


“It’s easy to understand, explains everything so well.Everyone have a chance to get your doubt cleared. He patiently answers all the questions.Overall it’s a good experience. ”

Adhila Khader

“You are very calm while teaching. Doubt discussion is pretty fine, I know sometimes questions asked are very stupid, but still you are empathetic and answer to them.”

Alec Aldrine Lakra

“I like the course design and the practical way learning.Actually, cannot be expect more in a such price. Good Job.”

Bharat Patel